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game sprites & edits

Sprites that I haven't made myself, just edited or put together from an existing sprite sheet. Most made using ripped sprites available on The Spriter's Resource (or elsewhere). May not be entirely accurate to in-game animations as I don't always have a reference.

You can look at my own TSR submissions here.

I post sprites and other game assets on this tumblr blog from time to time.

ripped by Nemu
ripped by Belial
Monster berry
from Amazing Island.
ripped by Mr. C
ripped by Goemar
ripped by Sonicteam24
from Stardew Valley
ripped by RadSpyro
sprited by Michfrar

ripped by Davias
ripped by Orion X

ripped by Shoda

ripped by Dazz

ripped by
ripped by

ripped by Dazz

ripped by redblueyellow
ripped by Dazz

ripped by SuperFlomm

ripped by HylianFox
I just animated the colors cycling.

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