Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Morgan Farro

Species: Musun

Age: 31 years

Height: 3 7/8" / 9.84cm

Pronouns: he/him

Interests: People watching

Status: Exiled


A neurotic, paranoid wreck, due to circumstances he finds himself in. Easily frightened and startled for the same reason. Easy to make laugh. A bit bossy. He's starved for any kind of approval or interaction since even before he was on his own, he didn’t have many friends. Spending a lot of time by himself made him forget how to act when other people are around. Impulsive when pressed.

His parents were a scavengers and borrowers. After he was born, they journeyed to a colony where they had family for his safety. However, they were seperated and he had to complete the trek on his own. He lived with his cousin and nephew until his cousin passed, leaving him as his nephew's caretaker. After making a mistake that puts the colony in jeopardy, he is exiled to live on his own.


Bug - Roommate

Despite being a fraction of his size, has somehow trusted Bug with his existence.

DG - Roommate


Aster - Old Friend

After Morgan is exiled, Aster comes looking for him.

Fern - Nephew

Took care of him before he was exiled.