Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Vasily Yvetimir

Species: Previously Human

Age: 52 years

Height: 6'7" / 201cm; varies

Gender: trans both ways

Pronouns: he/him/his; any

Sexuality: any

Interests: Fashion, Natural History, Games, Dead Things, Collecting

Motifs: Fungi, Grey, Pink, White, Black

Playlists: root

Other Notes: Can't be killed in a way that matters.


Aloof, self-absorbed, capricious. Smart, but has a narrow focus. Unobservant of other's worries or cares in relation to his own. Surprisingly laid back with people he likes, insultingly dismissive of those he doesn't. Despite emotional shortcomings, revels in taking responsibility for things such as pets, gardens, etc - anything but people.

Was a refugee from the Reach along with his mother, not long before the Cascade. After she passes, he eventually makes a home for himself in an abandoned castle on the edge of the demonlands. It's here that he creates DG. He decides to try and open a portal back into the Reach: he succeeds, but is fundamentally changed by the process, both physically and psychologically, and is used as a tool for the powers there to establish a permanent connection back to the outside.


Anfisa - Ex-Spouse

Miru truly cares about Anfisa, not that he acts in a way that properly communicates it.

DG - Daughter

Loves her, but was never cut out for any kind of commitment - including parenthood.

Agnes - Friend

One of his first proper friends in the Reach, they remain close.

Eunice - Friend

Miru assists her in her work from time to time, and enjoys her company.

Lady Nighthawk - Acquaintance

Miru doesn't pass up a chance to cozy up to what is basically a god.

Basrah - Friend

Friends by circumstance - there aren't many other people who's immortality is tied to a dimensional consciousness.