Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Neti, Asmodeus

Species: Demon

Age: ?? centuries

Height: 120' / 36m

Pronouns: he/him

Interests: Humans


Fixated on humans, but doesn't quite understand them as people (as opposed to toys or pets). Has had the most positive interactions with humans of all Hel's children, and has been named a god and gained a cult on separate occasions (thus the many names). Mammon is his first name, but it is his favorite of the ones humans gave him and he chooses to continue using it.

He is defensive and protective of humans, but does not listen to their wants and needs if they conflict with his own (which is usually to dote over them). He is very selfish. After Hell is closed, he becomes very depressed at being cut off and focuses his efforts on corralling the humans in Hell into safety under his watch.




Ker Berethrou - Sibling

Sees her as unjust and rigid, clinging to old rules that don't matter.