Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Jules

Species: Demon

Age: ?? years

Height: 6'0" / 183cm

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Sexuality: too busy

Interests: Community organization & independence

Julala Jules

Dedicated and motivated. Once had limitless ambition, is now more reserved in her goals. Cares a great deal. Doesn't like to act unnecessarily, but isn't stoic. Sees notoriety as a liability, and keeps out of the spotlight.

Previously an "information broker", she uses connections and influence that she has to keep her borough of the demonlands protected. She used to operate out of a nightclub called "SE7EN", but she's now taken up residence at "Mushrooms & Roses", an unassuming little dive bar.


Motter - Partner

They've known each other for a long time, and Jules makes good use of him.

Ewie - Associate

Jules attempts to temper her into someone who could take over for her if the situation demanded it.

Beau - Associate

Beau is dependable and steadfast, and makes for a good ally.

HGF - Associate

HGF cares a great deal about her community, which Jules finds to be of great value.

Tomiy - Associate

Hired by Jules to research the creation of demons.

The Baby - ???


Hecate - Associate/Old Friend?

Jules' window into the goings-on of Hell.