Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Jean Marie; Marigold; Margold

Species: Human

Age: 46 years

Height: 5'9" / 175cm

Gender: Trans Man

Pronouns: he/him/his

Sexuality: Pansexual

Interests: History, Guns, Philosophy, Pulp Fiction, Wrestling, Knives

Motifs: Dark Red, Wild Boar, Raven

Birthday: 6 / 6

Playlists: marigold; new vegas radio

Other Notes: Lost his eye to a gunshot in his 30s. Has an old injury in his right shoulder, and a nasty scar on his neck that he prefers to cover. Knees are arthritic, and act up in inclement weather. Cane conceals a weapon. Takes good care of his hair.


Compassionate and empathetic. Knows a little bit about everything. Steady and level-headed, but has a wild streak and did some crazy things in his youth. Aloof, and reveals little about himself, but only because he's been through a lot. Observant and sharp-witted, prefers to stay on the sidelines and watch things happen. Incredibly competent when he needs to be.

After his mother passed, he left home and his family behind, refusing to fill the space she left. He made a life for himself by doing dangerous things, working as a courier and bounty hunter. Taught himself some magic.


Cam - Best Friend

In all ways but the physical, Cam is Jean's cat.

Adelé - Sister

Their relationship is strained by Jean's choice to leave after their mother's death.

Gryphon - Abhorred

Did some for-hire work for them in the past - and left with an extremely negative impression.

Marion - Mother

A good leader, but not a good mother, Jean carries the weight of her expectations long after she passes.

Ambrose - Great Aunt

Had a better relationship with Ambrose than his mother, but has lost contact with her.