Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Yui

Species: Demon

Age: ?? years

Height: 5'4" / 163cm

Pronouns: she/her

Motifs: Goat, Sheep

Other Notes: Has trouble seeing color, text and screens, but can see the contours of objects or differences in material.


High-strung and high-energy. Everything's a joke. Sharper than she lets on - if Jules were to disappear, she would be quick to fill the vacuum of leadership.


Jules - Boss

Trusts Jules' judgement, even if it means tempering herself.

Beau - Partner

They've been close for a long time, and work well together. Ewie likes to ride on her shoulders.

HGF - Friend

Thinks she's handsome.

Motter - Friend

They are both excitable; Ewie likes to pick on him.