Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Demon Girl; Anastasia

Species: Demon

Age: 19 years

Height: 5'8" / 173cm

Gender: none with left girl

Pronouns: she/her; they/them

Sexuality: Asexual / Aromantic

Motifs: Lavender, Raptors

Playlists: DG


Trying to find her way in the world. Losing her mischievous streak as she gets older and becoming more focused on finding herself. Easily frustrated by interpersonal friction. Smart and capable, but a bit lost and unsure. Has something to prove. Gets attached to people more quickly than she'd like.


Miru - Creator

Miru created a demon on a whim, and got a daughter. For better or worse, she was left to deal with most things on her own.

Anfisa - Parent

Ani picked up where Miru lacked, but never truly committed. Even so, he's still DG's favorite.