Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Camille

Species: Construct

Age: 35 years

Height: 5' / 152cm

Gender: None

Pronouns: they/them; he/him

Sexuality: None

Interests: Killing, Knives, Plants (can't keep them alive)

Motifs: Cyan, Light Blue, Snake, Cat, Dragonfly

Birthday: 10 / 10

Playlists: carving knife


Skittish and mistrustful. Lacks emotion, but can get attached to certain people, which can make them try to behave in a favorable way. Does not get lonely.

No one is quite sure where they came from, and their memory past a certain point is very fuzzy. They lived like a wild animal for a long time, skulking through sewers and alleys. They're attached to Jean, and make an effort to act like a person because of him.


Jean - Best Friend

Likes Jean in the way a cat only likes one person and bites everyone else.