Quick Info

Species: Mimic

Age: 26 years

Height: 7" / 213cm

Pronouns: he/him/; they/them

Interests: Small cute things

Other Notes: He stole the security vest and helmet, and made the mask himself.


Bug is quiet, placid, and observant. He seems aloof, but mostly just has trouble articulating his thoughts and speaking. He doesn't like tv or video games, and dislikes bright lights or harsh noises in general. He likes small and cute things, like the stickers on his helmet. He is aware, on some level, that his "human" form isn't very good and that he comes across as unsettling to others, and tries to make himself smaller and less threatening because of that.

He works as a bouncer/doorman for a small bar called "Mushrooms & Roses". He takes his job very seriously, although it isn't really that important. He lives in a small room above the bar with his mattress on the floor and a chair with no table.


Morgan - Roommate

Bug didn't expect a weird little mouse man living in his walls, but doesn't seem to have a problem with it.