Quick Info

Full/Other Names: Ani; Anfi

Species: Human

Age: 44 years

Height: 5'8" / 173cm

Gender: milf

Pronouns: he/him; she/her

Sexuality: Bisexual

Interests: Anger, Magic

Motifs: Ocean, Blue-Green

Playlists: abyssal

Other Notes: Has a mole on the right side of his face that I consistently forget the placement of. Has a scar on his lip/brow from when he fell and ate shit on some brick stairs as a kid.


Moody and petulant, but not uncaring. Lets his frustration affect how he acts. Empathetic but begrudgingly so. Can be kind a fucking asshole, but still tries to do the "right thing", even if he complains. Incredibly stubborn.

A foster kid, he showed aptitude with magic and was placed into a program to train young mages. When he was about to be sent off to be an apprentice, he ran off and encountered Ambrose, who he begged to be his mentor instead. Her instruction led him to discover more dangerous powers than he bargained for.


Miru - Ex-Spouse

Miru consistently pisses him off with his hot and cold behavior, but Ani keeps letting him back in. It's psychosexual.

DG - Daughter

Ani didn't asked to be roped into parenthood, but nonetheless, acts as DG's other parent. He worries about her.

Holly - Older Sister

She thinks she knows what's best for him, and disapproves of his choices. He doesn't keep in touch.

Ambrose - Mentor

She's like the rigid, eccentric mother he never had - not that he would ever admit that.