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to-do list
ideas for things that i want to add. this may happen soon or never
  • !!top priority!!
    • lightbox for art section
  • additions/edits
    • gmod - pac3 outfits
  • to complete
    • MIDI Jukebox
  • new pages
    • ai - dall-e
    • games - animal crossing
    • games - magic pengel
    • games - stardew valley
    • games - tower unite?
    • stuff - gallery
    • stuff - field guide

Welcome to New Lambda! I'm synth. This site is an archive for my art and projects, as well as a love letter to my interests and the things I care about.

Feel free to do whatever you like with the files you get from me or my site, as long as you don't claim my work as your own.

This site is not optimized for mobile, and likely won't be. It uses some javascript, and is best viewed fullscreen on a computer monitor using Firefox.

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