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Petz Communities

RKC Petz Forum Whiskerwick Petz Kennel Club The Flea Market Petz Universal Game

Petz Sites

Unique Petz Polygonwanaland Hextraordinary Cargo Petz Litterz Factory Acid Trip Mazzew Petzscape Chimes Swallowtail Petal Dust Petz Crushing Leashy's Petz Site Petz Site Directory cookie planet cattery middle night Oasis The Lilac Lynx Abandoned Pixelz Universe Corrupted Kibbles Beatnik Blep Cirrutopia Hemlighet Moonlight RhoPetz Funfetti Autumn Blessings Labz Galore Down The Rabbit Hole Phantasmagoria Hex OS The Petz Archive Seeing Stars Paperclip! Lunar Lex Petz Medusa Reverie

Mythic Silence | Aussome | Armadillont | Versidue
Tabbloza | Rainbow Roadhouse | Petz Wiki

Yabiko  -  Amazing guides and utilities for modding
FaePetz  -  Archive of lost breeds from early Petz sites
Scrapyardz  -  Delvings into the inner workings of Petz
The Rat Shack  -  Interesting articles & guides on Petz construction
Intron/Exon  -  Devoted to Petz genetics
LnzLive  -  Edit Lnz files in browser
PastyLabz  -  (Guide) Generate Lnz for paintballs.

Petz Old Web

Carolyn's Creations Black Mist Crittery

Pine Cone Cattery | The Petz Warehouse | Sabre

Sherlock Software  -  PetZa, LnzPro, quintessential hexing tools
VPZ Research Center  -  Personal favorite, a major inspiration

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