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Officer Calhouns Government Conspiracy Think Tank
Mod Collection

This is the mod collection I use for my server. Includes lots of stuff, QOL improvements, models, toys, sweps, animations... Sub to the whole thing or pick and choose what you want.

Manual Downloads

These are not on the steam workshop, and you must put them in your files yourself if you would like to use them, just as was done before the Steam Workshop existed.

Pivot's old school 2011 map collection

The very ugly and horrid DPFilms Gordon with his cock out

Do not download this under any circumstance!!!!!!!

Nice Gordon who looks a little dead courtesy of Max

PAC3 Outfits

Outfits I've made in PAC3. Be warned, some adult/disturbing content ahead.

To use them, download the .txt files, and put them in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\pac3
or your equivalent folder.






Help and Guides

Are you perhaps a fool? Do you need help understanding how one installs files on the computer?
Fear not. Look at the instructions below.

To play "Garry's" "Modification":

1. Garry's Mod relies on textures and models from the source engine games. The most important of these are from Counter-strike Source (CSS). If you don't own them, these textures and models can be downloaded online in lieu of purchasing the games. You can find these by using "Google". If you are experience missing textures (black and purple checkerboard) and red ERRORS this is the first thing to check.

2. If you DO own the games, they need to be "mounted" in Gmod for the game to know they are on your system. This is true for any source game you'd like to use in Gmod. On the Gmod title screen, click the controller at the bottom right and click the checkboxes of any games you own. This will mount them.

3. Garry's mod has mods. My personal server uses a collection of mods I've curated on the Steam workshop, which is linked above.

4. If you no longer want to use a mod, just unsubscribe. Note that this does NOT actually remove the files from your computer. To clean up leftover files, click on "options" on the main page and press the tilde (~) key to open the developer console. (If the developer console doesn't open, you need to enable it. Click the "keyboard" tab on the options window, then "advanced" and tick the box for enable developer console). To cleanup leftover files, type "menu_cleanupgmas" with no quotes and hit enter.

5. To join a server manually, open the developer console and type "connect ip address; password password" without quotations.

6. Gmod mods can be buggy and messy. If stuff is broken or doesnt work, don't worry too much about it! Try not to get too attached to anything you put together: multiplayer gmod is chaotic, and sudden crashes and nonsense is to be expected!

If you want to set up your own dedicated server, check out this guide.


Art tributes to Gmod abominations.
Click for full-size.

by mel

by nuke

by nuke

by pivot

by me (synth)