Cool Sites

Tiger Carnival OMFG Ocean Waves Spot of Mummery sadgrl online devils Y2K Bill's Boutique Trash Paradise Combat Baby Miss Moss The Galactic Bucket Ashido Anlucas's Web Lounge Dog House Jellyworld Nukafurb's Furby World Cinni's Dream World Spirit Cellar delovely pseudocinnabar rabidrodent irony machine mesoscale beep oekeiko lost in the world Mayfrogs Lycopersica Pre-Dead
Hekate //reon Gnomewatch hog

WebPets lu @ tiny-universes Cameron's World Love That Danhausen
Peepo's Palace Forestfolke Online Bytemoth's Brook DISC-CONTENT
SPAMTON'S STOREFRONT Distant Skies Vincent's Dungeon Enferd

Art, Writing, & Creative Projects

Jay Eaton Art Runaway to the Stars Pleurodelinae p0stmortem FREAK PHONE
squidknees Legends of Empyria Bennizone EGGRAMEN

Iguanodon't Serina: A Natural History of the World of Birds Dinosauroids

Nirakul Archives  -  Point-and-click exploratory site
STAY AWAY FROM DANIEL CREECH  -  Interactive episodic murder mystery
frenrey  -  18+


The VG Resource  -  Archive of game sprites, textures, models, and sounds
Vimm's Lair  -  Classic ROMs for emulation
Old Games Download  -  Abandonware games for download
Flashpoint  -  Flash game preservation project
KH Insider  -  Video game soundtrack downloads
VG Music  -  Video game music MIDI archive
iNaturalist  -  Community for amateur naturalists


Mozilla Firefox  -  Better than Chromium
Clip Studio Paint  -  Fantastic art program, often on sale
Aseprite  -  Sprite and pixel art program, reasonably priced
Photopea  -  Browser based photoshop replacement, free
EZ Gif  -  Online gif making and editing tool
Dither Me This  -  Web utility for dithering images
waifux2  -  Enlarge images while removing artifacts
MeowSynth  -  Meow-based synthesizer
Neural Blender  -  Create AI generated images
AI Dungeon  -  AI generated text adventures


Bon's Graphic Collection Dollz Mania Appledust blinkies.cafe
99GIF shop TextureTown GIFY Pet Re:Hoeass

Betty's Graphics netanimations The 88x31 GIF Collection Blinkiemakers
Blinkie Obsession Web Badges World | Winamp Skin Museum SubtlePatterns

GifCities  -  The Internet Archive's GeoCities animated GIF search engine
98.css  -  CSS to imitate old UIs
eLouai  -  Lots of dollmakers