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Valve Archive Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar


Combine OverWiki The Cutting Room Floor Planet Half-Life Old Sierra Studios Website Valve Games Magazines Collection Half-Life 0.52 Alpha Half-Life Texture Source Photos Half-Life Dreamcast Half-Life Dreamcast (Older Build) Valve Developer Union Half-Life Uplink Half-Life Addons

(unofficial disc that was distributed illegally in 2000)

Port Sniffer for Half-Life 2003 Beta

(unpatched and unmodded)

Facepunch Leak

(zip file)

Half-Life 2 Beta Source Code

(file is hl2_src.rar)

Half-Life 2 WC Mappack Half-Life 2 Custom Levels Source Engine Source Code 2007 Half-Life Alyx Deleted Strings

(7z file)

Half-Life Timeline v0.5 The Half-Life Model Reference Resource Using Valve Hammer Editor to Create Worlds for Half-Life Tabletop Conversions for Source Games Half-Life: 25th Anniversary Update


Half-Life: 25th Anniversary Documentary Half-Life Fact Files (series)

A video series focusing on interesting details in Half-Life. Some of my favorites are:

Unremarkable and odd places in Half Life (1998)


Challenging Destiny - Half-Life Challenging Destiny - Half Life 2 qntm - Half-Life 2 sucks qntm - Half-Life 2 is the perfect game. Cyber-Rat - Half-Life DM - Alive and kick-ass Half-Life 2 (and Episodes 1 and 2)

(a guy who is very mad that half life 2 is not The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion)

Half-Life Sega Dreamcast Preview designdetector - Half-Life 2 Bad, vile and meaningless: Half Life 2

WARNING: Straight Male Gamer Disease - Half-Life: Alyx Review

Review of HLA by someone who has never played Half-Life