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i don't really like talking about myself, but i suppose i should have an about page on here. i've been on the internet since around 2004, and have seen it change significantly in that time. i wouldn't be the person i am today without it - i met the best friends i've ever had because of it! i used to be very shy and standoffish online, but not so much anymore. if you want to talk or say hello, just reach out!

my favorite...

flower: dandelion

colors: scarlet, forest green, black, rose gold, orange

animals: sea otter, house centipede, spotted hyena, raptors, bugs, arachnids, isopods, worms, reptiles

games: bloodborne, half-life, fallout:new vegas, stardew valley, hollow knight, pikmin, spyro, wind waker, pizza tower

media: nausicaa of the valley of the wind, moomin, wrestling

things: video games, nature, science, paleontology, monsters, character design, old web, suits of armor, natural history, worm-on-a-string, silence